Showcase and Testimonials

1972 Norton Commando

A friend of mine from Qatar had this and a 1980s Kawasaki Z1000, the Norton he wanted a full “nut and bolt” restoration and the Kawasaki a “make it safe and street fighter” look.

We have done the Norton!  When she came to us, she had just been imported from Qatar and there was a lot of sand (that grime!) on her so a total dismantle and good clean up was the first thing on the list.

Parts are readily available for these bikes so we tore through the rebuild and soon had an amazing looking bike that started on the first kick and ran like a dream.

The problem being that as she was exported to Qatar in the 1970’s, straight to the Qatar police force, she did not have a Norton chassis number.  If we could not get a Norton chassis number, she would have to carry a “Q” plate.  It took an age to get over this but with the help of some specialists in this field, including the Norton owner’s group, everything is in place for her to have an age related plate.  We have delivered her back to the owner – he doesn’t even have a bike licence but loves bikes, especially this era!

Yamaha Virago

Not everyone’s “cup of tea” but this Virago 535 came to us for a total refurbishment having spent a few years in a shed.  She didn’t run and look very sad!  The brief was to get her through an MOT and then look and making her look good again.

Years of “DIY” repairs had taken it’s toll and we had to cut off many things that simply didn’t belong! 

A service with new fuel filters, etc got her running again, MOT done and back to the owner.