Showcase and Testimonials

Toyota Corolla

The customer wanted to put an IS200 engine into a 1989 Toyota Corolla; he had bought the conversion kit for this, dropped off the car, the engine, the kit and the accumulated parts for the build.

It soon became apparent that the kit needed adaption as the engine clashed just about everywhere it could!  It hit the fire walls, bulkheads, the engine mounts didn’t align, the prop shaft was now offset, the exhaust manifold didn’t route properly, the brake servo was fouling, you name it, it was not working.  We overcame all the engineering works to get the engine in, a few cuts and welding here and there, lots of trial and error and the engine now sits perfectly in it’s space with the only issue to resolve being a custom clutch cable to be sourced (a hydraulic system would just not have operated so the cable option was chosen!).

A custom prop has been manufactured and fitted, custom drive shafts were sourced, made (twice!!) and fitted and the next part to tackle was the clash between the rear callipers and the discs, prop shafts.  Custom spacers are being made up to overcome the clash and ensure that the shaft remains central to the wheel hub.

The last major job is to get her started!  There were issues with the loom supplied with the ECU and this took a while to sort out – it was decided that the cheapest option was to but a new loom so this was done.  Installing the ECU and loom and getting everything connected up to the existing lighting, gauges, sensors, etc is the next job (to be done!!).

Nearly there to what will be an amazing car when done!

Subaru WRX estate

I don’t know why but I really like these cars, especially the estate – value for money power?  Such a capable car – I had an STI while I lived in Qatar, totally bonkers!

It’s another phase as we have four Subaru engines in for rebuild – we are through one of them, with two to complete (one is mine!!!!).

This car came to us with running issues and we diagnosed a crank issue.  The customer reluctantly gave us the go ahead to strip the engine (ha hadn’t long had it rebuilt) and we found that the turbo was losing oil and suspect that it drained the engine and the engine seized.  In addition, the head had a crack in it, which had to be replaced and numerous other issues.

All rebuilt now, back in the car and we are fitting STI brakes to the car.

Few miles on the car, off to the dyno for tuning and then off to a new life, being driven sedately (haha!) around Cyprus.


We seem to go through phases and at one point, we had three MR2 engines to rebuild.

This one was the supercharged one and after rebuilding and refitting, was off to the owner who had relocated back to the US.  A good check for leaks (as the VPC are very hot on leaks, etc before shipping) and she is off to her new life in the States.


We have rebuilt the engines on numerous Skylines and this one is no exception.

Engine out, stripped down for appraisal.  All parts needing repairs are sent off to the specialist teams in the area – cranks built up and re-ground, bores repaired, heads dismantled, cleaned, refurbished, reassembled and sent back to us.

Engine rebuilt and back in the car, we now have the car as we are now fitting a massive new turbo.  The mismatch of parts, bolts, bolt holes over the years has meant a long journey to get this to fit, let alone the fact that the turbo was too big for the space available!!  Moving the oil catch tank and with some custom piping, all in place and nearly completed.

Once running, she is off to the dyno for a proper tune before heading out on to the muddy, wet Suffolk roads – that’ll be fun!!

Mercedes 190 Cosworth

This car had been off the road for at least 10 years when it came to us for a full refurbishment.  You could call this a semi restoration – the customer wanted us to take it through an MOT as he wanted to do the bodywork himself.  Everything was badly corroded underneath and of course, it wasn’t running! 

Everything was taken apart and after some (!!) welding, we replaced all the brake lines and other corroded parts.  The customer wanted to keep the hydraulic suspension, so we started to replace these lines.  We were not sure of the condition of the hydraulic units and replacement of these was cost prohibitive; after discussion, we are putting fully adjustable coil overs on to her.

The engine was refurbished and serviced and with new fuel pumps, new relays and a host of other sensors and the like, she fired up and with some fettling, purrs now.